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Old City Hall Subway Station - i heart ny....

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January 30th, 2007

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01:19 pm - Old City Hall Subway Station
This past Saturday, my husband and I went on a tour of Old City Hall Subway Station with the New York Transit Museum.  Here is a quick summary of the tour and the history of the station:

"Special Fundraiser members only  tours of the original IRT City Hall Station. Travel back in time to the early days of the subway! The starting point of New York City's new IRT subway was Heins & LaFarge's showpiece, with chandeliers, leaded skylights, a vaulted Guastavino ceiling, and decorative tile work. Opened in 1904, the station exemplified the spirit of the City Beautiful Movement." 

The station was closed on December 31, 1945 because it just did not get enough people traffic coming through there and the station was too small to accomodate the length of the new trains.

It was a really interesting and informative tour!  A great opportunity to see a part of NYC history that most people haven't seen.

The archway leading up to the ticket booth area and exit:

The ornate glass ceiling at the center of the room where the ticket booth was located:

Entrance / exit to and from street:

Sign on the wall:

Plaque (hard to make out what it says because the lighting was so poor in the station itself):

Glass ceiling at the entrance of the platform:

Old tulip chandelier:

Close up of tiles:

View of ceiling / window to street:

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