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The Dyckman Farmhouse Museum - i heart ny....

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September 12th, 2007

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02:11 pm - The Dyckman Farmhouse Museum
This past Saturday, my husband and I visited The Dyckman Farmhouse Museum located at Broadway and 204th Street.  It was really interesting to finally explore this little farmhouse that I pass on my bus route to and from work each day.  It was built in 1784 on the farmland that had been in the Dyckman family since the 1600's.  It was amazing to see in  some of the photos from the late 1800's that Broadway was still a dirt road up in that area back then!

The living room / parlor:

Fireplace in the "Winter" kitchen located in the basement (apparently, they cooked here in the colder seasons to warm up the house, but cooked in the "Summer" kitchen located on the side of the house in the warmer months in order to keep the house cool):

Master bedroom upstairs:

Hessian hut in the back garden:

Smokehouse in the back garden:

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