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i heart ny....

i heart new york
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Welcome to heart ny.

heart_ny is a community about all things New York. If you are from New York, live or have lived in New York or just a lover of New York, this place is for you. Feel free to share anything about NY, whether it's a story, where you went shopping, what you saw or what happened to you while there, as long as it relates to New York, it's welcomed.

Post pictures and artwork, share stories, give suggestions or simply, tell us about you and your relationship with NY. All we ask is to be respectful one to another and no profanity.
Please note that you must be a member of this community in order to post or comment. Welcomes and introductions are okay.

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"i always get lost when i leave the village, so i couldn't come meet you in brooklyn last night"
- c.o. (bright eyes)

heart ny